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Maple Tree in Motion

Maple Tree in Motion

Day 277:
This picture is of the same tree from yesterday's, but with different weather condition. The wind gust was really bad today, so my thought was to capture the motion of the tree swaying blown by the wind.

Initially, I used the 50 mm at @ f22 and ISO 100; the shutter speed was still at about 1/30 seconds. It produced a photo of a blurry tree; it looked like an out of focus picture. I changed the lens to 18 - 200 mm at @ f22 and ISO 100 and had the circular polarizer on. It slowed down the shutter speed further, although not enough to create an image similar to what I had in my head.

Finally, I played around with the zoom effect: basically pull in or out the zoom level while taking the picture. I done this before but without using a tripod and I don't really like the result. I like the result this time. Maybe it is too much; I should try the technique again at faster shutter speed.

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