Kampung Lauran, Tanimbar, Maluku Tenggara Barat - Aluisius Sudiarto
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Sunset at Port of Saumlaki

Sunset at Port of Saumlaki

The group I was traveling with graciously enough to let me scout for a good location to make sunset photos. We got here on day 3. So, I didn't want to waist their time further and disappoint them. That is also my motivation to make decent photo out of the opportunity.

I did take some photos on previous locations, but it didn't turn out great. Ironically, I didn't bring the tripod a long. It was a long day. Started with chasing the sunrise, walked around the village, the hike after lunch, and eventually the sunset. We closed the day with a birthday party. Oh, parties don't start until after 8 or 9 pm there.